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We’re making dating and finding the one a whole lot easier, quicker, less stressful and more fun – for the many of you who are dating wrongly every single day.
True love is not a myth nor a fairytale.
It’s time to find yours.❤️


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Updated: 1st September 2022

Hello you!


We are Verrill and Charlene, founders and Chief Lovebirds of The Other Chopstick.

Now that you’re here, let’s not beat about the bush.

You’re here reading this only because you would really.. really.. like to find the one.

You’re not really here to read about us..

Instead, you’re here because you want to see if we have truly earned the right to share with you. 

And that is wise of you, young padawan..


Here’s the short version…

In 2011, we were both friends and single.

We both already had our fair share of crappy relationships.

We both had already wasted years and tears on the wrong ones.


We both knew that something had to change drastically in the way we date.

And we found the answer –

To date with a terminator-like obsession to find the one you want to marry.

And to unapologetically say no to everyone else who isn’t the one.


Within 4 months…

We found the one..

Got into a relationship..

Got engaged 2 days later..

And the rest is history we lived happily ever after…


Singles have since been swarming to us asking us how we did it..

We distilled it to a specific methodology, which we now call the Intentional Dating Framework.

& this resulted in many of them finding their perfect one too.

We then started The Other Chopstick and have been helping singles like yourself find the one FAST.


Does that get you excited?!

Coz we know we both were over the moon when we found each other!


And now, we’re on a rampage to transform the way singles date and find the one.


Alright, enough about us.

We want to know about you.




Dating coaching program designed
for singles serious about finding the right one FAST,
without wasting years and tears on the wrong ones.


This isn’t really an about us page.

Because spending our time filling this page up with humble brags is selfish and isn’t our style.

And that’s why we want to make this page about YOU…

We get it.

Dating is hard.

Finding the one is even harder.

It’s like finding a damn needle in a barn brimming over with hay, with one of your contact lens missing.

And that’s especially true when you approach dating like most singles do – By following your feelings.

By doing something when it “feels right”.

Until some point you realised that your feelings are not helpful at all.

Then you switch to “love happens when you least expect it”.

And hope and pray that a rom com-type meet-cute will happen.

And all these while you’ve been trying to figure the whole dating scene by yourself.

We call this “po heng suay”

(Read: Trying your luck.

Read again: Buying a lottery ticket.

Triple read that again: Gambling.)

We’d rather carve out our hearts 🔪🫀, lock it in The Dead Man’s Chest 🔒🧰 and feed the key to the Kraken🗝🐙..

Than to date in such a haphazard, random and unpredictable manner.

But, it isn’t about us!

You’re reading this right now because in some way, shape or form..

You haven’t given up on love.

Maybe you simply want..

That one person that puts a smile on your face..

That one person that you interlock fingers with..

That one person that kisses you when you least expect it..

That one person whom you can talk about anything and everything to..

That other person that you build a life together with..

Whatever it is for you, let us ask you this question…

What if there's a better way to date?

What if you could remove the fumbling around in the dark…

And end your chaos and confusion of this crazy thing called dating.

What if you had a proven roadmap to get to exactly where you want to go?

That’s exactly why we created The Other Chopstick - to solve this dating problem.

You see, everything we do at The Other Chopstick is designed with a ruthless, tunnel-visioned focus on you finding the one.

We’re not interested in hype and fluff.

We’re not interested in sitting around, fussing and fawning over how many additional “matches” you got.

We’re not interested in getting you into a relationship with any random person.

We want you to succeed.

We want you to find the one.

So that you can have a happy and amazing relationship.

So that the 2 of you will be so loved by one another.

So that others will be inspired by your love, and in turn love others.

Because loved people, love people.

It’s a positive love cycle.

A world with more people in love will be a much better place.

This is our way of making a real difference in this wonky wonky world.

This is why every single dating principle and strategy we deploy works.

We just want to leave you with this…

If you are going to keep on doing what you are doing..

You are going to keep on getting what you are getting..



Don't spend your late nights worrying about dating anymore..

Coz life's too short &
you're not getting any younger..

We know you’ve already spent countless hours..

Downloading different dating apps..

Trying multiple dating profile write ups..

Choosing various profile pics..

Trying different ways to message..

Reading what the so-called “experts” are saying..

Watching YouTube videos, reading articles and blogs, chatting in forums and groups..

Learning about..

Masculinity, femininity, enneagram, gaslighting, ghosting, breadcrumbing, dating profile, love languages, boundaries, confidence, communication..

Tips to do this.. Techniques to do that.. Scripts for this.. Tests for that..

And then… A new dating "guru" on TikTok says…

And this goes on, and on, and on…


Despite all these learnings, hours and hours of effort, sacrifice, money and commitment..

Plus the never-ending family drama and the everyday challenges of work and life..

All causing you to feel deflated and overwhelmed..

And you feel like your only options are to give up, cry..

Or smash your phone into a wall and flippin’ scream.

But, our question for you is this…


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The difference
between singles
who find the one and singles who DON'T IS..

The skill sets they have to make it happen.

And the number one skill that singles who find the one possess is…

The ability to consistently date only the prospective right ones.

This means that they will only go on dates and carry on dating those who are potentially right for them.

And the moment they encounter a wrong one, they have no qualms in saying “thank you, next”.

In other words, they have an intentional dating system that helps them filter while dating, bringing them closer to finding the one with each and every interaction.

Because dating intentionally is what propels a single to being in an amazing relationship with the one.

It’s what quickens the dating process.

And it’s also the cure..

To not worrying anymore.

To not be frustrated over some girl..

Or not be all cried out over some boy..

To stop wasting precious years and tears on the wrong ones.

And it’s what took us from being singles who kept finding the wrong ones..

To finding and marrying the right one – our soulmate, our perfect one, our other chopstick..

And having an amazing marriage that’s been in perpetual honeymoon happiness since 2013.

That’s what having an intentional dating system can do for you.

It’s your ticket to happiness…

Your ticket to stop feeling lonely.

Your ticket to #relationshipgoals.

Your ticket to love.

And here’s the good bit…

We’ve developed a unique program that gives you access to this intentional dating system

It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen or heard about before.

We’ve cooked up the secret sauce for finding the one fast
(the secret the others don’t talk about).

And it all starts here..

5 star reviews

The Most Effective
to Rapidly Find the One

(& not just anyone)


There are a lot of so-called experts, coaches, influencers and gurus dishing out advise – most of which are pick-up or seduction techniques, tips, tricks or even mind games, which works, if you’re okay with just settling for anyone.

Truth is most of them are still single – all bark and no bite, all foam and no beer.

On the other hand, we have successfully found the one.
And we have helped others successfully find their ones.

We assert that finding the one is the access to
having a GOAT relationship that leads to a GOAT marriage.

And we teach you how to do that..

*mic drop*


Husband & wife TEAM SINCE 2013






here's some Tea..

“I applied what I learnt in the courtship process and it really helped! 

In less than 2 weeks of meeting her online, she became my girlfriend. 

And the rest is history hahaha” 

– Abraham L.

Update: He proposed and she said yes.  

The truth is..

We’re just trying to make dating a whole lot easier…

Quicker, less stressful and more fun – for the countless singles who are putting themselves out there every single day.

This is a movement for the community of hopeful romantics, demanding a better way.

One who says an emphatic no to “dating for casual sex or simply dating for the sake of dating”

And one who says no to the accidental ways of dating that are failing singles time and again.

There are a lot of so-called coaches, practitioners and gurus dishing out advise which they don’t practice.

Most of whom are still single – all bark and no bite, all foam and no beer.

We successfully found the one.

And we have helped others successfully find their ones.


We assert that finding the one is the access

to having a GOAT relationship that leads to a GOAT marriage.

It’s our mission to shorten the amount of time it takes for you to

go from single-and-cluelessly-dating to happily-in-a-relationship-with-the-one.


But we really don’t want to keep talking about ourselves.

In fact, we’d really like to be talking about you.

But, we can’t do that until you hit one of the many buttons you see on this page.

Your happiness awaits..
it's Time to hit the button.

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