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WINS Like These Are Why We Exist

We’re making dating and finding the one a whole lot easier, quicker, less stressful and more fun – for the many of you who are dating wrongly every single day.
True love is not a myth nor a fairytale.
It’s time to find yours.❤️

here's some Tea..

“I applied what I learnt in the courtship process and it really helped! In less than 2 weeks of meeting her online, she became my girlfriend. And the rest is history hahaha”
– Abraham L.

Update: He proposed and she said yes.😉

Who Are We?

Husband & wife TEAM SINCE 2013


We are Verrill & Charlene, and we’re the owners & founders of The Other Chopstick.

We started The Other Chopstick because we are dead serious about love.

We want to create a lifestyle where love is at the forefront and not an afterthought.





We have been happily married to each other since 2013.

And we’re not talking about the instagram-kind of happy. But genuine, no-frills, authentic, BTS, legitly happily married.

Many have come up to us and asked how the heck did we find each other.

So we’ve been spending a lot of time, distilling how we got together into something practical, teachable and more importantly, replicable.


We’re not making up some random dating strategies.

Sumpah. (Malay word for we swear.)

The strategies that we are teaching are the exact same strategies that brought us from crappy pointless relationships with the wrong ones, to finding the right one.

And we are equipping you with exactly that.

Choosing a dating coaching company is like choosing a mentor. You would need someone who has been down the same path that you want to travel on, and navigated all the obstacles successfully. And they would therefore be able to guide you on how to navigate that same path successfully without repeating all the same mistakes.That’s why it’s a decision worth carefully researching and considering.
Many dating coaching companies will offer you the sun, moon and stars, promising extraordinary results. So how can you select the right one from the crowd? How can you be sure they’re the dating coach that you can trust?
There are 2 things that you must look out for:
1. Do they have the same results that you want in their lives?
2. Are they able to replicate their results?
Therefore, if the dating coach doesn’t have the results that you want to have, please make for the mountains. Nextly, if a dating coach has little publicised in terms of coachee reviews, it’s safe to say you should pretty much rule them out straight away.
Getting-results is the most critical criteria when selecting a dating coach and the coach’s personal results and the coachee reviews are testament to that.
Some singles have asked us, why are we really really doing this? Because it is our life’s mission to see a quantum leap in happy marriages filled with joy, love and respect, evidenced by an increase in united marriages and a decrease in divorces and divided marriages – and that starts with singles leveling up and finding the right one. At The Other Chopstick, we work hard to deliver real results for singles serious about love and that is reflected in the testimonials and feedback from our coachees. You will observe positive comments from singles of various backgrounds who have chosen to work with us.  The fact that at the end of the coaching duration, our coachees’ reviews continuously turn out to be so positive speaks volumes about the standard of our work and the integrity of our dating coaching company.
To partner with a dating coaching company that you can truly trust, you need to understand their reason for existence (their why), know whether the coaches themselves have the results that you want (they walk the talk), and hear about the actual delivered results from their coachees (replicable results). The Best Dating Coaching Company To Find The One Fast If you’re looking for a dating coaching company, we’re your people! There’s a clear and distinct path to the results that you want. If you want to achieve similar results like our coachees, Verrill & Charlene would love to hear from you today. Reach out and get in touch via the enquiry form on our website. Your own glorious testimony of The Other Chopstick’s services could be on our review page soon.

Your happiness awaits..
it's Time to hit the button.

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