Dating is hard & finding the right one is even harder!
We make dating a whole lot easier, faster, more predictable,
less stressful, and way more fun!

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Updated: 1st September 2022

Dear single,


We get it.

Dating is hard. 

Finding the one is even harder.

It’s like finding a damn needle in a barn brimming over with hay,

With one of your contact lens missing.


Ladies, you’re probably worried..

If you would ever find that special someone.

“Are the good ones really ALL married or attached?”

“I’m too old.. Maybe I’ve missed the boat.”


Gents, you might be thinking..

“If only I’m..

More successful..

More confident..

Better at talking..”


Yeah, we understand.


Even when you manage to get a date..

You spend hours overthinking about what to wear, say or do.


And when you are on the date,

Your incessant thoughts interfere with your date.

“Damn… Why did I say that? How do I recover from that?

Did I do something wrong? Is my date not interested?

Does that action mean anything? Is my date hinting something?”


Like most singles..

You’re exhausted and demoralised.

Burnt out from all the dating.


And to make matters worse..

You’re being swarmed with advice from a gabillion sources.


Should you listen to some celebrity coach?

“3 secret spots to touch your date such that they will fall hopelessly in love with you.”

“5 sure-fire pickup lines that works on 8s and 9s.”


Or what the personality assessment says?

“Type nines don’t go well with type fives.”

“The 2 natural partners for an ISTJ”

“3 tips to date someone whose love language is Words of Affirmation”


What about the blog post on the latest dating trends?

Breadcrumbing.. Ghosting.. Zombieing.. Caspering..

Wait.. Whaaattt..???


Or how about that friend’s tip to swipe right on every profile?

Because surely someone will swipe right back on you!

So you swipe right, swipe right, swipe right..

*swiper fatigue*


Or you recently heard that a friend of a friend got married cause of matchmaking.

“Yup, that must be it!

That’s something that I’ve heard of but never tried!


You go for a free consultation and give your requirements.

“We have quite a number of singles that are looking for someone just like you, let me find the best matches for you.”

So you sign up and expectantly wait for your perfect match.


The date has been arranged at a designated restaurant.

You show up all ready to meet your perfect match.


5 minutes in, you realised you just can’t vibe.

Even though you force yourself to talk, it’s not working.

Your date is someone that you wouldn’t even have swiped right on. 

*exasperated sigh*



It’s a crazy mess where many singles are trapped in.


And the sad truth is, most singles will be stuck in this mess for a long time until they get this epiphany –

To stop taking inputs and being influenced by people who do not have the results you want.


Think about it logically. Would you ever ask for:

Recipes from someone who doesn’t cook?

Vocal lessons from someone who’s tone-deaf?

Plant propagation techniques from someone who kills a hard-to-die pothos?


If we needed to take dating inputs and get influenced by the so-called experts who are still single or worse, in crappy relationships,

we’d rather carve out our hearts 🔪🫀, lock it in The Dead Man’s Chest 🔒🧰and feed the key to the Kraken🗝🐙.


But this isn’t about us, it’s about you.

You’re reading this right now because in some way, shape or form..

You haven’t given up on love.


Maybe you simply want..

That one person that puts a smile on your face..

That one person that you interlock fingers with..

That one person that kisses you when you least expect it..

That one person who always has your back..

That other person that you co-build a life together with..

Simply put, your other chopstick.. 


And if you are looking for your other chopstick..

We’ve got good news for you.


Cause soon you’ll be feeling hopeful and liberated.

You’ll be waking up every morning feeling happy and confident.

You’ll be consistently dating only the prospective right ones.

Bringing you closer to finding the one with each and every interaction.

You’ll be going on dates that you actually enjoy =).

And before you know it..

Your other chopstick is seated across the table from you!!


You can FINALLY wiggle wiggle and delete your dating apps FOREVER!

*woot woots*


And the first step to your life-long happiness starts below…

Our Offering


Dating coaching program designed
for singles serious about finding the right one FAST,
without wasting years and tears on the wrong ones.


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Find the right one
10x faster, easier, smarter.

Skip all the “hoping and praying”, trial and error,
listening and implementing the wrong advise
and endless nightmare of trying to figure it out all alone.

Instead, date confidently and authentically
with soulmate-finding strategies and
proven dating principles and frameworks.

5 star reviews

The Most Effective
to Rapidly Find the One

(& not just anyone)

There are a lot of so-called experts, coaches, influencers and gurus dishing out advise –
most of which are pick-up or seduction techniques, tips, tricks or even mind games
which works, if you’re okay with just settling for anyone.

Truth is most of them are still single –
all bark and no bite, all foam and no beer.

On the other hand, we have successfully found the one.
And we have helped others successfully find their ones.

We assert that finding the one is the access to
having a GOAT relationship that leads to a GOAT marriage.

And we teach you how to do that..

*mic drop*


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no more wishing & hoping

in this program

Most singles approach dating by following their feelings.
By doing something when it “feels right”.

Until some point they realised that their feelings are not helpful at all.

Then they switch to “love happens when you least expect it”.

And wish that a rom com-type meet-cute will happen.

We call this “po heng suay”.

(Read: Trying your luck.

Read again: Buying a lottery ticket.

Triple read that again: Gambling.)

The odds aren’t in your favour.
It’s highly stressful and extremely unreliable.

Our expertise is to help singles like you find the one.
And it is our mission to shorten the amount of time it takes for you
to go from single-and-cluelessly-dating to happily-in-a-relationship-with-the-one.

Frequently Asked Questions

A good dating coaching company will get to know you and your dating and relationship history inside out. They will assess your past dating patterns, find your dating blindspots, and provide strategies to overcome your destructive dating patterns. Part of a dating coaching company’s strategy should involve continual support and evaluation to ensure a student is progressing towards their desired dating outcomes.

We do all of that but, unlike other coaches/companies, The Other Chopstick team isn’t just focused on getting you into any random relationship. We are focused on getting you into a relationship with the one that you can spend the rest of your life with.

Our goal is to get you crystal clear on who your perfect one is, get healed from your past hurts, understand the opposite sex well and be confident in dating, so that you can find the one in the shortest possible time using the most effective and proven dating strategies.

Are you serious about finding the one and having love in your life? We can work with you.

Do you want to be free from your past emotional baggages? We can work with you.

Do you see the importance of investing into yourself? We can work with you.

Do you believe in the value of education? We can work with you.

Do you want to have a proven roadmap to reach your dating goals faster? We can work with you.

It matters not if you’re someone who has never had a relationship, or are a divorcé/divorcée or a widow/widower. Our coachees range from singles who have had zero experience to singles who have had multiple past relationships or marriages.

Are dogs cute? Is water wet? Of course! But seriously, let us just say this… 

Most dating coaching companies are all foam and no beer – they don’t walk the talk, they talk a good game but when all is said and done, they themselves don’t use the very same dating strategies they teach to their students to further love in their own relationships.

(Heck! Most are still single, which is a HUGE telltale sign for you to run for the mountains!)

Here at The Other Chopstick, we assert that finding the one is the access to having a GOAT relationship that leads to a GOAT marriage.

And we teach you how to do that… Fast.

If you’re looking for a dating coaching company that actually walks the talk and is worth its weight, go to and see all the nice things our coachees have said.

If we could, we would. If we had a magic wand, we would wave it so that you could find the one.

We would wave it so that you would not experience any more hurts. We would wave it so that you would never have to shed another tear. But sadly, just as there are no guarantees in life, there is no such magic wand. We’re not “koyok” (read: snake oil) sellers.

What we can promise you is that you will be taught a proven dating methodology that the founders, Verrill & Charlene, and their coachees have used, time and time again, to successfully find the one.

This proven dating methodology has been designed to help singles gain extreme clarity in who they’re looking for in the one, heal from their past emotional hurts, understand the opposite sex and date confidently.

Your happiness awaits..
it's Time to hit the button.

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